Embellishing a Sweatshirt

March 11, 2008

One of my customers brought me a sweatshirt. She is a member of the “Red Hat Ladies” and wanted a large red hat on the back and a smaller one on the front.

I looked at several pictures of hats on the web, then picked one that had a simple shape. I traced this shape on paper, and used that as a pattern to cut out the base fabric.

I sprayed fabric adhesive on some cotton, basted the base fabric to that. Then embellished it with other fabric pieces to represent a flower and leaves. I added a strip of embroidered edging as the hat band, and satin-stitched all the edges of fabric.

Red Hat shirt

This is the back of the shirt

Red Hat Shirt front

This is the front of the shirt.

For final touches, I sewed gold star-shaped buttons on each hat and added some red ribbon streamers.


‘Project Linus’ Quilts

February 6, 2008


As a seamstress, I have lots and lots of fabric. Some is new that I purchased for some reason long forgotten, and some are remnants of various projects. What to do with all this fabric? I use much of it to make quilts for children. I donate these quilts (47 so far) to an organization called ‘Project Linus’. They provide quilts to children in crisis, whether in the hospital or a shelter. I feel that I am doing something that will make a child feel warm and cared for.

The quilts are constructed with squares of fabric.  I usually make them 8 or 9 inches square.  Then I sew them together, pressing seams to one side.  When they are about 48 inches square, I cut a contrasting fabric that size for the backing.  Sandwich with a layer of batting.  Then stitch all around the edge, leaving a 10 inch opening to turn quilt right side out.  Before turning, clip corners.

Pin opening shut, stitch all around edge of quilt.  Then use crochet cotton to tie the quilt, tying at center of each square or at intersections where the squares meet.

Monogrammed Towels

January 12, 2008

Monogramming towels and washcloths can be a challenge. Here are a few tips:

  • With your digitizing program, make two sizes of monograms – large for the towels, and small for the washcloths
  • The washcloths and hand towels can be hooped with no problem. Use stabilizer on the back, then on top use clear stabilizer. This will control the nap of the terrycloth so the stitches will be solid.
  • The bath towel will need the large hoop. Put stabilizer in the hoop, and secure tightly. Then position the towel over the hoop and stabilizer…secure with pins at the corner. Place clear stabilizer over towel, hold in place or pin.
  • With all the towels, use the ‘trace’ feature of the program to secure the clear stabilizer before embroidering.
  • towels

A Typical Day?

January 2, 2008

I wish every day was like this.  I had sewing jobs for four different people.  Shortened 4 pairs of slacks for one, replaced a jacket zipper for another, shortened a lined skirt for a third, and embroidered a name patch on a Christmas stocking for a fourth (for next year).

I can work as long as I want, take a break when I need one, and still get things done like laundry and dishes.  Having a home sewing business really works for me!


December 20, 2007



All 60 blankets are done! Delivered 45 of them this morning, picked up the last 15 and just finished putting the patches on them.  Will drop them off tomorrow morning. The customer has already paid me, so I can make a payment on my Janome sewing machine!

Don’t Forget

December 18, 2007

Don’t EVER forget your password for WordPress!!!  I just spent a considerable amount of time trying to log in….

60 Blankets

December 18, 2007

Blanket Project

 Have almost finished with the latest project: Machine embroidering 60 5×7 patches to sew on 60 blankets! The customer is giving them as Christmas presents.

Have completed all 60 patches, and have sewn 45 of them on blankets. 15 blankets are still missing, and the customer is trying to locate them.

Latest Project

December 14, 2007

Well, I can’t figure out how to post pics on here yet, so I’ll direct you to my other site.